Why Art?

This life of ours is a design made of experiences that we craft together!

Would be interesting to be artistic about it.

NsN Art Studio

Art work comes from our journey of life and its uptakes. Enjoying doing abstract realism, with expressions to relate with what’s going around in reality. Travelling to different places helps in being in different situations, meet different people, and get different perspectives. We value this process a lot now.

In terms of media, have been using, Charcoal and Acrylic, on art paper and canvas. Like working with Charcoal on wall too. It gives a sense of open space. Been in advertising for a while now, and pursuing art alongside. Have recently starting to publish and display work online and in exhibitions, getting a fair response.

Varnakala Exhibition

Karnataka, Oct’19

Title of the exhibit - Half-Life

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas

Year of execution - 2019

Himprastha Exhibition

Dehradun, Dec’19

Title of the exhibit - Being at HKV

Medium - Acrylic on Paper

Year of execution - 2018